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The Moodle Association of Japan (from herein MAJ) established the following privacy policy and strives to protect personal information appropriately.

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  1. 本人確認、利用申込に関するサービスの提供、利用料金の請求、及び利用サービス提供条件の変更・停止・中止・契約解除の通知

  2. 総会通知、委員の相互連絡など本学会の運営に関わる必要な情報の提供

  3. 上記の他、本団体の各種サービスおよびイベントに関する情報提供、サービス向上のための調査


  1. 法令の規定に基づくとき

  2. 提供者の同意があるとき

  3. 事業目的の達成のために必要な範囲内において個人データの取扱いの全部又は一部を委託する場合





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Privacy Policy

Established: February 22, 2021

Last revised: Feb. 22, 2021

The Moodle Association of Japan established the following privacy policy and strives to protect personal information appropriately.

Collection of personal information

MAJ’s purpose is to promote research, education, and development of the open source learning management system (LMS) called Moodle and its related systems. In line with this purpose, MAJ collects information voluntarily provided by users of various services provided by MAJ, whether members or non-members, and by those involved in the screening and selection process for MAJ's projects, as necessary. In general, when personal information is provided, MAJ will clearly state the purpose for which is it required, and use it for the intention with which it is provided.

Use of personal information

MAJ will not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the individual, except in special circumstances. MAJ will use personal information provided for the following purposes:

1. Identification, provision of services related to applications for use, billing of usage fees, and notification of changes to, suspension of, discontinuation of, or cancellation of terms and conditions for providing usage services;

2. To provide necessary information related to the operation of the society, such as notices of general meetings and mutual communication among committee members;

3. To provide information about various services and events of the society, and to conduct surveys to improve services.

MAJ may use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those described above in any of the following cases:

1. when required by law

2. with the consent of the provider.

Personal data will only be shared, in whole or in part, to the extent necessary to achieve MAJ business.

(E.g., to provide a name and address for a company with which we have outsourced delivery services.)

Management of personal information

MAJ will make every effort to appropriately manage collected personal information so that it will not be leaked to outside parties, destroyed, tampered with, or lost. However, personal information that has been disclosed or made public by the provider will not be subject to the management of MAJ.

Disclosure and correction of personal information

In general, when a provider of personal information requests the disclosure of their own personal information, MAJ will disclose it without delay. In addition, when there is a request for any amendments, etc. of personal information by the provider, any amendments will be made without delay.

You can request disclosure here: Request download of all my information

You can delete your account here: Delete my account on MAJ

The MAJ website

The use of the website established by MAJ (hereinafter referred to as "the MAJ website") is the responsibility of the user. MAJ shall not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of information obtained from this website or other websites linked to this website.

Events & PR

There may be cases where MAJ, the press, sponsor companies, etc. take photographs or videos at events, etc. held by MAJ. These photos and videos may be published in magazines, websites, etc. Please be aware that main speakers and award winners are especially likely to be photographed.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

MAJ reserves the right to change its privacy policy without notice and may do so at any time without notice. The latest privacy policy will always apply to personal information collected by the MAJ. Any changes will be posted on the MAJ website and will be effective from the date of posting.

Contact for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

If anyone has any questions regarding the protection of personal information at the Moodle Association of Japan, please contact the following:

Director of Membership, Moodle Association of Japan: Email: