Topic outline

  • The Constitution of the Moodle Association of Japan specifies that 50% of the net annual income of the association shall be donated to the Moodle Trust (Moodle HQ), 40% spent on local research and development projects, with just 10% being apportioned for operating expenses. The information here outlines how to apply for a MAJ grant to further enhance the operationality of Moodle as an educational tool in Japan. To submit a grant proposal, you must be a member of MAJ, affiliated with an institutional member, or any person belonging to a current sponsor company. You can join the MAJ here. The use of R&D grants is left to the recipients' discretion but should be used ethically and in line with university guidelines as the case may be.

    R & D Committee
    Co-chairs:  David Campbell  Shirai Tatsuya/白井 達也
    Members: Thom Rawson  Kagoya Takahiro/篭谷 隆弘
    Bill White  Saeki Yagi Machiko/八木(佐伯)街子