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    The Constitution of the Moodle Association of Japan specifies that 50% of the net annual income of the association shall be donated to the Moodle Trust (Moodle HQ), 40% spent on local research and development projects, and 10% being apportioned for operating expenses. The information here outlines how to apply for a MAJ grant to further enhance the operationality of Moodle as an educational tool in Japan. To submit a grant proposal, you must be a member of MAJ, affiliated with an institutional member, or any person belonging to a current sponsor company." . The use of R&D grants is for payment of programming fees, student work, software purchase, travel expenses to achieve the development goal. It should be used ethically and in line with university guidelines as the case may be.

    R & D Committee 2024
    R&D Director:   
        Hinkelman Don / ヒンクルマン ダン
    R&D Members:    Thom Rawson     Kagoya Takahiro/篭谷 隆弘

      Matt Cotter    
    Shirai Tatsuya/白井 達也
    Asada Yoshikazu

  • Grant Applications 2024