1. Why become a MAJ Sponsor?

Empowering educators to improve our world

Supporting the Moodle Community in Japan

The purpose of the Moodle Association of Japan is to promote the research, education, and development of the open source learning management system called ‘Moodle’ and its related systems. The Association provides a community for Moodle users in Japan to learn and teach about using Moodle in their institution. The association is a not-for-profit voluntary association (任意団体 nin’i dantai), financially transparent in nature, and is very similar to a formal Not-for-Profit Organization (NPO) although not officially.

The Moodle Learning Management System is an open-source software project supporting online learning that has grown since 2002 under the direction of Moodle Pty Ltd and is used in hundreds of thousands of institutions and workplaces worldwide by over 100 million users.

The Association functions as an organizational member of the world Moodle Users Association, Incorporated in Western Australia. In the conduct of its activities, the Association supports the international headquarters of Moodle Pty Ltd with fundraising and a portion of its membership dues to further the development of core Moodle software code.

So, why sponsor MAJ?

Sponsoring the Moodle Association of Japan contributes back to the Moodle community in several important ways. First, MAJ contributes back to Moodle HQ through its Gold Membership and support of the Moodle Users Association. However, MAJ's support of Moodle is not purely financial. Every year, MAJ submits proposals to the MUA for inclusion into Moodle core. Our 10,000 votes as a Gold Member also see that MAJ members' voices are well represented in the Global Moodle community.

MAJ also promotes the adoption, use, and development of the Moodle LMS throughout Japan. In addition to holding the annual Moodlemoot Japan, MAJ offers grants for R&D projects, encouraging Moodlers in Japan to improve and take an active role in the development and shaping of the LMS.

MAJ members are well aware that Sponsors play an essential part in making these efforts possible. MAJ sponsorship is not simply a financial transaction, it is how all Moodlers in Japan, the students, teachers, developers, researchers and companies work together to create the educational landscape of the future and in doing so live up to the Moodle motto: Empowering educators to improve our world.