2. Sponsorship details

2.2. MoodleMoot Participation

Moot Tickets

Get tickets for your staff as well as guest tickets to invite prospective clients to the Moodlemoot.

Commercial Presentations

Sponsors are permitted to give presentations at MAJ events, including the moodlemoot, promoting their products and services. The precise number and style of presentation slot varies depending on the event and sponsorship tier.

Registration Desk

Have flyers for your company? Distribute them at the registration desk.

Moodle Help Desk & Sponsor Booths

Sponsors are invited to be active in providing assistance to Moot participants at the Moodle Help Desk (nearby the sponsor booths). Have a physical presence at the Moodlemoot where you can meet your future clients. Where commercial content should not be discussed at the help desk, sponsors can take this opportunity to invite participants to visit sponsor booths.

At lunchtime...
Lunch presentation is where we provide participants free lunches and give them opportunities to listen to your presentation. Lunch fees are included in the sponsor fee.

* Gold and Platinum sponsors only
MoodleMoot Overview
Items Silver Gold Platinum
Number of attendees
2 5 8
Guest Invitations
(Free tickets)
1 5 10
Commercial presentation slots 1 2 4
Exhibition space Small table Medium table Large table
Flyers at registration desk X
< 100
Banquet tickets
1 3 5
* Sponsorship fee is for MAJ sponsorship and is not limited to sponsorship of the Moodlemoot conference.