2. Sponsorship details

2.1. MAJ website and events

Promote your business to MAJ members online and at MAJ events.

MAJ WebsiteThroughout the year there are numerous events held by MAJ including the Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshops and the Moodlemoot. Information for these events and all associated conference planning (and in the case of online events, the events themselves) are managed through the MAJ Website. Sponsor's business names and/or logos are prominently displayed in several locations throughout the site.

Below is an example of how sponsor information is displayed on our site:

Platinum Sponsors 



Gold Sponsors

Human Science



Silver Sponsors

Display Details
Items Silver Gold Platinum
Links to corporate website
Company logo No logo Small logo Large logo

Display period

Sponsor links and logos are displayed on the Moodl Association of Japan website until the end of June in the following fiscal year (Apr-Mar). For example, sponsors for FY2021 (2021年度) will have their company names and logos displayed until June 30th, 2022.