2. Sponsorship details

There are three tiers of sponsorship possible for the Moodle Association of Japan: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Sponsors enjoy increased access and visibility to the MAJ membership and event participants through the MAJ website and local/national events. The prominence of the sponsors' presence depends on the tier of sponsorship.

Platinum Tier: ¥400,000

This is the highest sponsorship tier available. Platinum sponsors are featured the most prominently on the MAJ website and have the largest presence at our events (for example a massive sponsor booth to showcase commercial offerings).

Gold Tier: ¥200,000

The Gold Tier is our mid-range sponsorship level. On the MAJ website and at events, the sponsor is well publicized, though with less prominence compared with the Platinum Tier.

Silver Tier: ¥100,000

The Silver Tier is our entry-level sponsorship tier. This is great for smaller businesses or companies just entering the e-learning market. On the MAJ website there is a link to your corporate website and a place is available at live events for you to engage with event participants.

Changes coming in 2022

As the Moodle Association of Japan grows and evolves, so must its relationship with sponsors. Until recently, the primary annual event of MAJ has been the MoodleMoot in February. Sponsorship has primarily been focused on this single event. However, MAJ also annually has the Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshops and in the future, more smaller but more regularly occurring events are planned. In order to facilitate Sponsor participation in these events, from FY2022 we will be sending out invoices to sponsors in April so that the entire year can be filled with events where sponsors can engage with MAJ members.

Regarding COVID19

MAJ also needs to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing situation regarding COVID19. As such, MAJ cannot guarantee that sponsors will have, for example, an "exhibition booth" at the MoodleMoot because there is a real possibility that physical events like the MoodleMoot may become impossible to hold. This was most apparent at the 2020 MoodleMoot which was switched to online mode, just 4 days before it started. We were and continue to be incredibly grateful for the patience, understanding, and the unwavering support our sponsors provided at that time. In that same year, we held an additional event called MoodleWeek and invited sponsors of the 2020 MoodleMoot to participate in this additional opportunity to interact with the Moodle community in Japan.

In short, we cannot predict the future. Sponsorship fees are not paid to purchase a product, but to support the Moodle Association of Japan. Where we cannot guarantee sponsor benefits like a physical presence at a physical MoodleMoot, we can promise to do our best to support our sponsors who also support us. We are eternally grateful for all support we receive. Thank you.