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Jason Hollowell (Musashi University)
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Mobile Moodle - Using mobile devices to access and manage Moodle
Presentation type 提出原稿のタイプ: ワークショップ 90分 Workshop 90 mins
Day & Time 日時: 土 Saturday 09:30 - 11:00
Location 場所: 104A
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The number of students and instructors who access the Internet with touch based devices such as iPads and iPhones is increasing rapidly. Many students and teachers are attempting to utilize these types of devices as their primary computing device; however, this can present challenges when interacting with a Moodle site. This presentation will introduce some of the tools that are available for accessing and maintaining Moodle (version 2.0~) via mobile touch based platforms. Focus will be upon iPads and iPhones and the various Moodle specific applications available to those devices such as moodlEZ, i'Moodle, My Moodle (Moodle's official but no longer in development iphone app), as well as several Flash enabled browsers available for the iPhone/iPad, such as Skyfire and Photon. The presenter will introduce applications and explain the functionality of each in terms of what each one allows users (students and admins) to do with Moodle. One focal point will be upon the ability of various apps to cope with multimedia that has been added to Moodle courses. The survey of applications available to those accessing Moodle with iPads and iPhones will provide a holistic summary complete with information about the strengths and weaknesses of each offering. The presenter will encourage attendees to participate in the presentation with comments about their own experiences using iPads or iPhones to interact with Moodle and will also install and demonstrate, during the presentation, any suggested mobile apps for Moodle.

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学校以外の場所でのMoodle導入事例 - Moodle in non-traditional settings
学校でのMoodle導入事例 - Moodle in traditional educational settings
Moodleの利用 - Using Moodle
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iPad, iPhone, mobile, tablet