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Ruth Vanbaelen (Nihon University CST), Jonathan Harrison (Nihon University CST), Joseph Falout (Nihon University CST)
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Course Streaming and Achievement Testing via Moodle Quiz and Feedback Modules
Presentation type 提出原稿のタイプ: ライトニング・トーク 5〜10分 Lightening Talk 5 to 10 mins
Day & Time 日時: 土 Saturday 15:00 - 15:40
Location 場所: 161B
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This presentation provides an example of how the Moodle quiz and Moodle feedback modules were implemented for a basic student needs analysis, course streaming and efficient achievement testing for a graduate level academic writing and presenting course in the first term of 2012. The style of the quizzes (matching, multiple-choice, and essay items) and the feedback will be touched upon.
When the academic writing and presenting course was organized in previous years, the Moodle quiz module was used for achievement testing purposes only while student interests, indicated in paper pre-course questionnaires, were employed as the principal factor for course streaming. Unbalanced student levels led the presenters to rethink the course-streaming system.
The presenters will describe how the use of Moodle allowed for more efficiently streamed courses and better results on achievement tests. The quiz module was used for pre- and post-course tests and the feedback module was used for pre- and post-course surveys. Pre-course test results in combination with pre-course survey replies (main judging factor: student self-indicated English proficiency) were used to stream the students into three levels. The pre-course survey further served as a guide for the individual instructors to build the class activities around the students’ interests.

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学校でのMoodle導入事例 - Moodle in traditional educational settings
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streaming, achievement testing, quiz, feedback, academic writing