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Justin Hunt (Nagasaki Commercial High School)
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Hands on with PoodLL
Presentation type 提出原稿のタイプ: ショーケース 最大90分 Showcase, up to 90 mins
Day & Time 日時: 日 Sunday 09:00 - 10:30
Location 場所: 104A
Presentation abstract 発表内容
PoodLL is an open source project that adds multi-media features to Moodle via several plugins. These plugins include an audio and video recording repository, an assignment, and a question type. It also adds a number of interactive widgets to Moodle including an audio list player, video galleries, animated flashcards, a stopwatch, and visual timers. These widgets can be added to any area of Moodle where there is an html editor, e.g a lesson, an assignment description, a question or a page resource. PoodLL also contains modules to enable advanced real time activities notably audio and video pairwork and shared whiteboards. The presenter of the showcase is the chief developer of PoodLL. In the showcase, PoodLL plugins will be demonstrated, and attendees can experience using PoodLL first hand via mobile devices and regular PCs.

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Moodleの利用 - Using Moodle
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PoodLL, Audio, video,recording, mobile