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Presenters & Author(s)発表者と著者:
Tatsya Shirai (Suzuka National College of Technology)
Presentation title 発表標題:
Moodle +/-5年 高等教育機関向け学習支援環境から次のステップを考えてみよう Moodle +/-5 Years
Presentation type 提出原稿のタイプ: 基調公演 Keynote
Day & Time 日時: 日 Sunday 15:15 - 16:05
Location 場所: 三木ホール Miki Hall
Presentation abstract 発表内容
Six years have past since Moodle 1.8 was released in March, 2007. One year later, Moodle 1.9 came out, followed by Moodle 2.0 in November, 2010, which included many new and enhanced functions. In this keynote, the speaker will review major changes in Moodle functionality and its popularity in Japan over the last five years. At the same time, he will infer what changes in Moodle functionality, usability, and purposes might take place during the next five years. Our computer environment has dramatically changed from having desktop computers to carrying smart phones and tablet PCs. Moreover, Japan has a history of developing highly functional Keitai cellphones. In the meantime, Moodle has been mainly used in higher education systems such as universities. It is, however, spreading gradually among administrative offices and corporations. In elementary and secondary schools, digital textbooks and electronic blackboards will be combined with digital learning contents and put into use more and more. Learning computer programing has become obligated in junior high schools, which will open doors to more use of Moodle in secondary schools. The speaker does not have the power to foresee our future. He will thus report what he has learned from the wide-range of opinions posted on forums such as moodle.org.
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学校以外の場所でのMoodle導入事例 - Moodle in non-traditional settings
Moodleの利用 - Using Moodle
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歴史的背景, 将来予測, K-12, 活用事例