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Eric Hagley (Muroran Institute of Technology), Bob Gettings (Hokusei Gakuen Junior College, Sapporo)
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Moodle intermediate Workshop (Part 1)
Presentation type 提出原稿のタイプ: ワークショップ 40分 Workshop 40 mins (Part 1)
Day & Time 日時: 土 Saturday 11:10 - 11:50
Location 場所: 104B
Presentation abstract 発表内容

This intermediate Moodle workshop will give those with a little experience of Moodle a hands-on opportunity to develop their understanding. After a brief review of the main concepts from beginner workshop, this workshop will cover  other aspects of using Moodle. Participation in the first beginner workshop is not required, but helpful.

After reviewing the steps taken to create material as mentioned in the  first beginners' workshop, participants will be shown other features of Moodle and how to add more content to a course. Various modules will be introduced, as well as explanation of how to add basic multimedia such as audio and pictures. Participants will be able to do this on their very own course. We will also look at other Moodle features such as grades and tracking students progress.


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Moodleの利用 - Using Moodle
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