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Peter Ruthven-Stuart (Future University Hakodate)
Presentation title 発表標題:
Moodle for Busy Teachers (v3)
Presentation type 提出原稿のタイプ: ワークショップ 90分 Workshop 90 mins
Day & Time 日時: 日 Sunday 12:45 - 14:15
Location 場所: 104B
Presentation abstract 発表内容
In this Workshop participants will get hands-on experience of timesaving techniques and features, which will make their use of Moodle more effective and efficient. This workshop will be useful to both novices and people who are already Moodlers. Creating effective learning tasks within a Moodle course can require considerable time and effort on the part of the teacher. Based on his nine years experience of administrating and teaching with Moodle, the presenter will talk the audience through various features of Moodle that are quick to set up but that can still contribute significantly to students' learning experiences. He will cover some or all of the following features: reusing, importing and copying content and courses; embedding external content; meta course creation; collaborative content creation; groups and groupings; student created content; communication with and between students; auto linking; conditional activities; resource and activity cloning; and 'efficient' activity creation. The Choice, Database and Forum modules are examples of efficient activities. To illustrate these techniques the audience will be shown some live courses. Finally, participants will be given 'teacher' access to their own courses on the latest Moodle system (2.4) during and after the Workshop.
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Moodleの利用 - Using Moodle
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workshop, efficiency, effectiveness, hands-on, timesaving, Moodle 2.4