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ID : 1473
Original submission元の投稿 :
Title題名 : Using Quizlet word retention data to generate scaled vocabulary quizzes
Type種類 : Presentation (40 mins)
Category部類 : Individual presentation
Language言語 : English
Abstract要約 :

Quizlet, the world's largest flashcard website and application, provides to teachers term retention data specific to each class or course. Once teachers have created and assigned a flashcard set, each term (i.e. word definitions, L2 vocabulary translations, historical dates, etc.) is tracked as to how often it could be correctly recalled by students. This data gives teachers a snapshot of which terms students are excelling at and struggling with but also provides an opportunity to create class-personalized difficulty-scaled quizzes, such as a compilation of easier terms, more difficult terms, or a spectrum. As no data export feature native to Quizlet currently exists, the author has developed an Excel-based workaround tool that can capture this retention data with minimal user effort. Once collected, users can specify the percentage of terms from the set to be tested and the desired difficulty, with Excel selecting the terms based on the retention figures (in addition to a manual term selection option). Finally, the tool reconfigures the data into GIFT format, which is then uploaded and ready to be set for testing. As a result, this tool rapidly streamlines the quiz generation process. Educators, even those with little to no Excel or Moodle training, can easily configure tests utilizing real retention data from their students rather than educated guesses. This presentation will walk users through the process from Quizlet to Moodle and demonstrate the Excel tool, and a link for free downloading will be provided.

Keywordsキーワード : Quizlet, Vocabulary, Testing, Retention
Topicsトピック : Integrating Moodle
Presentation times発表時間 :
Main presenter筆頭発表者 : Mr. Jordan SVIEN スヴェン ジョーダン
Affiliation所属 : Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's University (Hiroshima, Japan)
EmailEメール :
Handout資料 :
Slidesスライド :
Commentsコメント :
Added by入力ユーザ :
Date added入力日付 : Sunday, 13 August 2017, 11:15 AM
Date modified更新日付 : Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 3:25 PM
Message from the
Vetting Committee
Peer review査読 :
Submission status処理状況 :
Schedule numberスケジュール番号 : 206-P
Schedule day開催予定日 : Feb 22nd (Thu)
Schedule time開催予定時刻 : 10:20 - 10:40
Schedule duration開催予定時間 : 20 mins
Schedule room name開催予定室名 : Room 1303 (40 seats)
Schedule room seats開催予定室名の坐整数 :
Schedule audience聴講予定者 :