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ID : 1486
Original submission元の投稿 :
Title題名 : The ReactForum plugin
Type種類 : Presentation (20 mins)
Category部類 : MAJ R&D grant report
Language言語 : English
Abstract要約 :

This presentation will introduce the motivation for and usability of the recently developed ReactForum plugin. The ReactForum allows users to react to discussion posts by quickly clicking buttons set by the teacher which are similar to ‘like’ buttons used by social media pages such as Facebook. Buttons can be made with text, or inputting images and any number of buttons can be added. Basically, any kind of button is possible!  Examples of how the ReactForum has been used in educational situations this semester will be shown.

Keywordsキーワード : Forum new development
Topicsトピック : Moodle development
Presentation times発表時間 :
Main presenter筆頭発表者 : Mr. Matthew COTTER Matt
Affiliation所属 : Hokusei Gakuen University 北星学園大学 (Sapporo, Japan)
EmailEメール :
Handout資料 :
Slidesスライド :
Commentsコメント :
Added by入力ユーザ :
Date added入力日付 : Thursday, 28 September 2017, 5:27 PM
Date modified更新日付 : Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 1:38 PM
Message from the
Vetting Committee
Peer review査読 :
Submission status処理状況 :
Schedule numberスケジュール番号 : 238-P
Schedule day開催予定日 : Feb 22nd (Thu)
Schedule time開催予定時刻 : 15:10 - 15:20
Schedule duration開催予定時間 : 10 mins
Schedule room name開催予定室名 : Room 1403 (40 seats)
Schedule room seats開催予定室名の坐整数 :
Schedule audience聴講予定者 :