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ID : 1519
Original submission元の投稿 :
Title題名 : Using Moodle to objectively assess student effort
Type種類 : Presentation (40 mins)
Category部類 : Individual presentation
Language言語 : English
Abstract要約 :

The fundamental principle underlying education is that through the expenditure of effort, a person’s abilities can be enhanced and new abilities can be acquired. However, it is commonplace to assess students solely on the performance of their abilities and to neglect the effort expended. When student effort is assessed, it tends to be a subjective judgement made by a teacher or a ‘participation’ mark that may not capture the effort that leads to an improvement in ability. One way effort can be assessed more objectively is by incorporating quizzes in Moodle that allow multiple attempts and by grading them via the ‘Highest Grade' option. Students who exert the effort required to attain full marks on such a quiz will be rewarded with a higher grade. Quiz content can then be set at a higher level ensuring that 100% is unattainable without significant effort. In this presentation I will introduce an assessment schedule that is a hybrid of both measures of ability and measures of effort, along with several principles that can be applied to effort-based assessments to enhance their effectiveness. Finally, there will be a discussion of the hybrid syllabus’ effects on student motivation and their development of a ‘growth-mindset.’

Keywordsキーワード : assessment, syllabus, effort, quiz, reader
Topicsトピック : Moodle Pedagogy
Presentation times発表時間 :
Main presenter筆頭発表者 : Mr. Adam JENKINS ジェンキンズ アダム
Affiliation所属 : Shizuoka Institute Of Science And Technology 静岡理工科大学 (Hamamatsu, Japan)
EmailEメール :
Handout資料 :
Slidesスライド :
Commentsコメント :
Added by入力ユーザ :
Date added入力日付 : Monday, 30 October 2017, 11:19 AM
Date modified更新日付 : Monday, 4 December 2017, 12:22 PM
Message from the
Vetting Committee
Peer review査読 :
Submission status処理状況 :
Schedule numberスケジュール番号 : 316-P
Schedule day開催予定日 : Feb 23rd (Fri)
Schedule time開催予定時刻 : 13:50 - 14:30
Schedule duration開催予定時間 : 40 mins
Schedule room name開催予定室名 : Room 1303 (40 seats)
Schedule room seats開催予定室名の坐整数 :
Schedule audience聴講予定者 :