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ID : 1950
Original submission元の投稿 :
Title題名 : スポンサー情報
Type種類 : Commercial presentation (50 mins)
Category部類 : Sponsored presentation
Language言語 : Japanese
Abstract要約 :


Moodle Mobile アプリとMartinインタビュー
株式会社イーラーニングによって行われるプレゼンを要約してお話します: (1)Martinに聞こう! 10個の質問 (2)Moodle Mobileアプリ
All your LMS data: easy, shareable, understandable, and attractive.
We make every learning management system smart. IntelliBoard works with multiple LMS platforms: Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Cornerstone & Moodle Our goal is to deliver all of your LMS data to one place that is right for you.
WIRIS - Makers of MathType
WIRIS is a suite of math (STEM) tools for Moodle and other LMS platforms. Type and handwrite mathematical notation with MathType. Easily include quality math equations in your documents and digital content. Available within Moodle, but also seamlessly integrated in Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Wiris Quizzes comes as a bundle of new question types for Moodle, including open answers, automated grading and random parameters for your math questions in the Moodle Quiz module. WIRIS Plugin is the most downloaded Plugin for ATTO and TinyMCE. Wiris Quizzes is the most popular Question type at WIRIS components are certified by Blackboard Open LMS. Proudly working with Moodle since 2007.
Do we still need Poodll?
Poodll is more than audio and video recording for Moodle, but that is what its most known for. Since recording features are now available by default in Moodle, do we still need Poodll? The answer is yes. In this presentation you will see a comparison of Moodle and Poodll recording , and learn why Poodll recording is superior. You will also hear about some of the less well known features of Poodll.
HS Caption(音声認識+翻訳+字幕作成)とオブジェクトストレージを使用した大量動画保存のご紹介
外国人留学生が増加しています。言語の問題で、授業内容がよくわからないという状況がみられます。 動画ファイルについて、音声認識・自動翻訳・字幕作成といった一連の処理をするサービスについてご紹介します(HS Caption)。 授業収録の増加などにより保管・管理する動画が増大しています。 増大する動画ファイルを安価に効率的に管理するサービスをご紹介します。
Keywordsキーワード : Moodle
Topicsトピック : Using Moodle
Presentation times発表時間 :
Main presenter筆頭発表者 : MAJ Sponsors MAJ スポンサー
Affiliation所属 : Sponsors スポンサー (Tokyo, Japan)
EmailEメール :
Handout資料 :
Slidesスライド :
Commentsコメント :
Added by入力ユーザ :
Date added入力日付 : Monday, 28 January 2019, 2:29 PM
Date modified更新日付 : Saturday, 23 February 2019, 11:52 AM
Message from the
Vetting Committee
Peer review査読 :
Submission status処理状況 :
Schedule numberスケジュール番号 : 226-S
Schedule day開催予定日 : Feb 28th (Thu)
Schedule time開催予定時刻 : 14: 10 - 15: 00
Schedule duration開催予定時間 : 50 mins
Schedule room name開催予定室名 : 300 Hall (200 seats)
Schedule room seats開催予定室名の坐整数 : 200 seats
Schedule audience聴講予定者 :