Best Moodle Innovation for 2019 -- Nominations

Nominations open until February 14, 2020 at 23:59

Award for Best Moodle Innovation for 2019 -- Nomination Form

Criteria for nomination:

  • Anyone, including the developer, can nominate the code for the recognition award.
  • Any individual can only make one nomination.
  • Any current member of MAJ, apart from those on the vetting committee are eligible to receive the award.
  • Please fill out all the information. Give a description of the innovation, why it benefits Moodle users (especially in Japan), and a link to its source code and documentation.
  • The R&D committee will determine the awardees, based on the panel's expertise.

These awards to be presented at the coming MoodleMoot:

  • Best innovation for year 2019
  • 2nd Best innovation for year 2019
  • 2019 Honorable mention
Yoshikazu ASADA
Innovation Name:プラグインの名前:
CSVインポート機能を改善したデータベースモジュール / Improvement of Database module for CSV importing
Innovation Description:目的・機能の説明:







なお、テスト用Moodleは参考のために3.7 (3.8以前)のMoodleとした。

The default database module can export the detail of user information such as username and lastname. However, these user details are not imported from CSV even if there are fields of them. This causes some problems such as:
  • The imported data are connected to the imported user (such as teachers or managers). So we can’t figure out the original data author.
  • Since the data is imported as the posts of teachers, all items are “approved” automatically.
This plugin resolved this problem. The column of username is imported and the items are connected to the correct users. Since the data is imported as posts of students, the approved status function correctly.

In addition to this, we added another feature to import CSV files from the moodledata folder with the schedule tasks. This enables us to import some learning logs from another LMS via CSV file as the database items.

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