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Opened: Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 12:00 AM
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Mr. Andy JOHNSON ジョンソン アンディ
Future University Hakodate はこだて未来大学 Hakodate Japan
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Mr. Adam SMITH Mr. スミス アダム Future University Hakodateはこだて未来大学
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Creating a Clean Interface for Group-Specific Activities and Resources
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If you want to give students access to a specific version of an activity or resource based on group membership, this can be achieved by creating multiple versions of the activity or resource and making appropriate settings in the "restrict access" part of the activity's settings page. However, especially with large numbers of groups, having many versions of an activity can result in a cluttered interface for teachers. A technique to separate the clutter using Moodle's auto-linking function will be illustrated using the presenters' Moodle course where each group was provided with a URL resource to a Google Doc. 

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Using Moodle
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Submitted: 提出: Tuesday, 29 December 2020, 9:36 AM
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