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Tomoya SAITO
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Workshop module with bulk download function
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Tomoya SAITO, Yue WANG, and Katsumi TADAMURA
(Yamaguchi University)


Due to the spread of COVID-19 infection, distance learning has increased in Japanese schools.
The Moodle "workshop" module has a mutual evaluation function between students.
With the increase in distance learning, the workshop activities are  used in more classes/subjects.
However, conventional workshop module does not have bulk download function of submitted files.

So that, we add a bulk download function for the workshop module.
For this function, we have added some statements to "view.php", and have added some functions to "locallib.php".
And, we have added some language strings.

Additionally, for the Microsoft Windows and Japanese environments, we have added some statements in order to prevent text garbling of ZIP filename.
Note that, it is not possible to completely prevent filename garbling of submitted files contained in the ZIP file.
Because, complete character code conversion from the UTF-8 to the Shift JIS is not possible.

Now, codes of this plugin are based on the workshop plugin for the Moodle 3.9.

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