Best Moodle Innovation for 2020 -- Nominations

Nominations open until February 14, 2021 at 23:59

Award for Best Moodle Innovation for 2020 -- Nomination Form

Criteria for nomination:

  • Anyone, including the developer, can nominate the code for the recognition award.
  • Any individual can only make one nomination.
  • Any current member of MAJ, apart from those on the vetting committee are eligible to receive the award.
  • Please fill out all the information. Give a description of the innovation, why it benefits Moodle users (especially in Japan), and a link to its source code and documentation.
  • The R&D committee will determine the awardees, based on the panel's expertise.

These awards to be presented at the coming MoodleMoot:

  • Best innovation for year 2020
  • 2nd Best innovation for year 2020
  • 2020 Honorable mention
Innovation Name:プラグインの名前:
Moodle Conference Submissions System
Innovation Description:目的・機能の説明:

The Moodle Association of Japan Submissions database is a small to medium size conference management system based on the Moodle LMS. It offers a workflow including submissions, reviews, acceptance, rewriting, scheduling and more. This past year offers numerous updates and improvements, especially to deal with a virtual conference instead of previous face-to-face conferences. 

Note: I apologize for sending in two nominations--just running out of time. Hideo Harashima or Matt Cotter and others will take my place and sponsor this well-deserved honor for the developer and programmer, Gordon Bateson.

Matt Cotter here.  I will gladly take over nominating this wonderful innovation!

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