Moot 2016 News and Announcements



by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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日本ムードルムート参加者の皆様,(English below)


ムートページ 上では
●「交流場」フォーラムがあります.参加者同士,提案や連絡を取りたい場合など,こちらをお使い下さい.同様にツイッターハッシュタグとして #mootjp16 もお使い頂けます。


Dear participants to MoodleMoot Japan 2106,

The moot is only a week away. There are a few announcements that we want you to remember.

On the moot web page  you will find the following:

# There is a Discussion forum. If you have anything to discuss, suggest, or inquire to participants, please use this forum. Also, the hashtag on Twitter is  #mootjp16 .

# On the same page, toward the button,  you will find "registration" link. As you go in there you will see a receipt. You can print out the receipt and use it for whatever the purpose you have.
# You also find there your name card for a conference badge. Please print it out and bring it to the conference site. It's double-sided.
# You can also find a reception dinner ticket there (if you have already paid). Again, please print it out and bring it to the party site. 
# Near the button of the page you will find the latest schedule. Please check and confirm it especially if you are a presenter.
# Lastly, again near the button, Genius Bar volunteers are still wanted. If you can help man the bar,  please write your name into the Wiki. Thank you.