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Thank you for a wonderful MoodleMoot 2016!!!

Re: Thank you for a wonderful MoodleMoot 2016!!!

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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Thank you very much for the nice comments, Matt and Jennifer, about the MoodleMoot Japan 2016. Me, on behalf of all the dedicated organizers, would like to say a big Thank You to all the participants. Your having enjoyed the moot is our best reward.

I've just come back from MoodleMoot Ie-UK. The London Moot was great in many aspects. However, it made me realize a lot of wonderful things about MoodleMoot Japan which are unique to us. Our moot is not run by the HQ or Partner companies; it is run by Moodle users and teachers. So it is naturally designed to help the users and teachers in most practical ways. The hands-on workshops let the participants directly experience the joy of manipulating programs. Most of our presentations and workshops offer us many practical ideas to take way and apply to our classroom teaching. Others are research-based and thoughts provoking. Genius Bar is truly helpful to those who have technical problems. All these are possible with presenters and workshop leaders who dedicate themselves to help others acquire new knowledge and skills. We are truly practicing the idea of Social Constructivism in our moot. I take my hat off to all the people who participated in this moot and helped it make a great success.

Thank you all,

Hideto Harashima