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Best Moodle Innovation for 2016 -- Nomination Form

Best Moodle Innovation for 2016 -- Nomination Form

by Thom RAWSON -
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Hello Attendees!

Each year awards will be made for the best developments related to Moodle by members of MAJ. These might be the development of a new module or block, or even a suggested patch to the current code which adds greater functionality to a current version. The development itself need not be specific to Moodle as used in Japan. 

Please nominate the Best Innovations using the following link:

Best Moodle Innovation for 2016 -- Nomination Form  

Criteria for nomination:

  • Anyone, including the developer, can nominate the code for the recognition award.
  • Any individual can only make one nomination.
  • Any current member of MAJ, apart from those on the vetting committee are eligible to receive the award.
  • Please fill out all the information. Give a description of the innovation, why it benefits Moodle users (especially in Japan), and a link to its source code and documentation.
  • MAJ members will then have a chance to vote until the morning on the final day of the MoodleMoot.
  • The R&D committee will then determine the awardees, based not only on the votes, but also on comments accompanying the votes and the R&D panel's own expertise.
  • The innovation must have been submitted to as contributed code in some form or manner, such as a contributed module, block or theme, or as a suggested improvement to the base code via the Tracker.
  • If it's not submitted to the tracker, please upload the plugin to the MAJ hub for public viewing. See below.

These awards to be presented at the coming 2017 MoodleMoot Japan:

  • Best innovation for year 2016
  • 2nd Best innovation for year 2016
  • 2016 Honorable mention
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Re: Best Moodle Innovation for 2016 -- Nomination Form

by Hideto HARASHIMA -


I saw the Japanese version of this announcement in Facebook, but please announce the Japanese version on the MAJ announcement forum as well. Thank you.

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ベスト・ムードル・イノベーション賞2016 -- 推薦フォーム

by Thom RAWSON -

Hello Attendees!



ベスト・ムードル・イノベーション賞2016 -- 推薦フォーム


  • 開発者ご自身を含む誰でもこの優秀賞にコードを自薦,他薦できます。
  • 推薦は一人一件とさせていただきます。
  • 選考委員を除く,全ての現協会会員が賞を受賞する資格があります。
  • 全ての項目にご記入下さい。コードの革新性,なぜそれがムードルユーザ(特に日本のユーザ)にとって有益か,そしてそのコードとドキュメントへのリンクを記載して下さい。
  • 協会メンバーが最終日の午前中まで投票いたします。
  • 選考委員会が得票数のみならず,寄せられたコメントも考慮に入れ,専門的な見地から受賞者を協議選考いたします。
  • 対象のコードはこれまでmoodle.orgにトラッカーを通して提供された何らかのコード,例えばモジュール,ブロック,テーマ等,またはコードに対する改良提案など,である必要があります。
  • もしもムードルトラッカーに登録していない場合は,皆が見られるようにプラグインをMAJハブにアップロードして下さい.以下を参照


  • 2016年度最優秀イノベーション賞
  • 2016年度優秀イノベーション賞
  • 2016佳作-- 若干名
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Best Moodle Innovation for 2016 -- Nomination Form / ベスト・ムードル・イノベーション賞2016 -- 推薦フォーム

by Thom RAWSON -








Dear 2017 MoodleMoot Japan Participants,


There is still time left to nominate the "Best Innovations of 2016" so please be sure to nominate before Wednesday, February 15th at 23:55!

Here is the link for the nomination form:

Take care and see you all soon!