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ムードルムート参加者の皆様 (English below)




3.ワークショップは正午開始です。昼休みはありません。食堂は学生で混みますので、 他の方法でお昼を済ませてからご参加下さい。


Dear MoodleMoot Japan 2017 participants,

Here are some announcements.

1. There is no parking at the venue except designated vehicles. Please use public transportation systems. Take a look at this access map and learn the way to walk from the nearest station.

2. Please study the latest schedule on the web. Some workshops are switched last week.

3. Workshops start at noon on the 17th. There is no lunch break. The school cafeteria may be packed with students. Please finish lunch some other ways and participate in the workshops.

4. One of the keynote speakers, Dr. Dougiamas, has kindly agreed to do two keynote speeches. The two abstracts are up on the web for you to refer to.

Thank you. 



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Moot ご参加にあたって Reminder to moot participants

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As you participate in MoodleMoot, please download and print your name tags beforehand and bring them to the venue. If you join the networking dinner, please also print the dinner ticket and bring it with you. The dinner will be full of French, Italian, Spanish, German, Mexican, Belgian, and Swiss cuisines, plus unforgettable Utsunomiya Gyoza, with all-you-can-drink arrangement.

During the main two days of the moot, at lunch breaks, we have "lunch presentations." The first 20 participants for each day in this event can get an Obento lunch and a drink for free as they listen to presentations by our sponsor companies. Please take advantage of this free lunch offer. (Please refrain from participating two days in a row to be fair. Thank you.)  

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Re: Moot ご参加にあたって Reminder to moot participants



I don't see the ticket to print for the dinner or the name tags...Am I missing something?

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Re: Moot ご参加にあたって Reminder to moot participants

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Hi Marcel, 

Good to see you on the forum. smile

If you go to: 

Home / ► MoodleMoot Japan 2017 / ► Conference Details / ► Registration / ► Register for the Conference 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and there will be some image files at the bottom of your registration details. 

I hope this helps, 

See you at the Moot. 

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Re: Moot ご参加にあたって Reminder to moot participants

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領収書、名札、懇親会チケット、等のダウンロードは、協会ウェブサイトのムートのコースにログインして入っていただき、そこの参加登録 => 参加者情報入力 と辿ると、データベースの個人項目の下に現れます。見えない方は支払いの確認ができていない可能性がありますので、会計係 にご連絡ください。

For downloading the receipts, name tags, dinner tickets, please go to our website and login to the Moot course. Follow from "Registration" to "Register for the conference". There at the bottom of your database entry the documents will show up. If you don't see anything there, it is possible your payment is not confirmed. If so, please contact our treasurer at