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【重要】スケジュール訂正 [Important] Schedule correction

【重要】スケジュール訂正 [Important] Schedule correction

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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スケジュール中19日(日曜)午後の時間表示に間違いがありました。申し訳御座いません。以下の様に訂正いたします。改めてウェブ上の最新 schedule でご確認下さい。

Dear Moot participants,

There was wrong time allotment for the afternoon events on Sunday the 19th in the schedule. The following are the correct times. We apologize for inconvenience. Please check and confirm the latest schedule on the web. Thank you.


日曜日(19日)午後の時間変更 Schedule change on Sunday (19th) afternoon  

12:50 - 13:45 = keynote speech        基調講演
13:55 - 14:35 = regular sessions      発表
14:45 - 15:25 = regular sessions      発表
15:35 - 16:00 = closing ceremony  閉会式



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Re: 【重要】スケジュール訂正 [Important] Schedule correction

by Peter PARISE -

Thank you for tje correction. I thought I was going to miss the keynote.