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Japanese universities using moodle

Japanese universities using moodle

by Deleted user -
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Hello everyone, my name is Sergio Aldana, I am a Moodle and G Suite for Education administrator and trainer. I work in Guatemala's public university.

I am planning to go to Japan on vacation in December and I would like to contact a university that uses Moodle, to know their progress in the use of this system. 

If you know any contact,I'll be very grateful

My email is:

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Re: Japanese universities using moodle

by Eric HAGLEY -

Good afternoon Sergio.

There are many universities that use Moodle around Japan. Mine does but I wonder if you really want to come to my university as it is in the north island of Japan and not in a particularly interesting part. Perhaps you could give a little more information on where you will be and where you are able to travel. If you wish to come to Muroran, I'd be happy to meet with you but in December it is very cold!

Good luck with your endeavors.

Eric Hagley

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Re: 2018 Conference Details Course

by Takayuki MATSUKI -

Hello Sergio,

If you stop by Tokyo, I will introduce you Musashi univ. which is the venue of the Moodle Moot Japan 2018 together with my university, Tokyo Kasei univ. Anyway, I need to know your itinerary or schedule in Japan whether I can spare time for you.


Takayuki Matsuki

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Re: 2018 Conference Details Course

by Deleted user -

Prodessor Matsuki San, thank you for your message, I will be on tokyo since december with a group with whom I travel, but in 2 to 9 of january i will be on my own, and I will be pleacent to can meet you and can see a little more of the work you do. If you have some space in your agenda for this time, i will be glade to attend.

Thank you again for this oportunity, you can write me to