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Extending deadline for conference submissions?

Extending deadline for conference submissions?

by David CAMPBELL -
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I was traveling and missed the deadline for submissions. Is there a chance that the submission period will be extended? Also I couldn't find a  contact link to ask this question directly, so decided to post it here. If there is a link it may need to be easier to find and if there isn't one it might be a good idea to add one.



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Re: Extending deadline for conference submissions?

by Matthew COTTER -

HI David,

Deadline has been extended to 31 Oct...see below.  At the moment the sight doesn't allow more than one submission but I think that is being fixed.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

In haste....



投稿締切延長・基調講演者の決定 / Postpoment of deadline for submission, determination of keynote speakers
by Takayuki MATSUKI - Sunday, 24 September 2017, 9:33 PM


【来年のMoodleMoot 2018の基調講演者の決定

(English below)



Moot 2018 のサイトページを通してムート参加登録、発表申込,参加費支払い手続きをして頂ければと思います.日本のムートはその研究発表の質の高さでも注目されています.是非,多くの方々の参加,発表を期待しております.

開催地:武蔵大学 (東京都練馬区)

発表申込期間:10月31日 (火)
スポンサー発表申込期限:11月30日 (木)


[ Deadline for presentation proposal is postponed]
Deadline for presentation proposal is postponed one month later, i.e., Oct. 31 (Tue), 2017.

[ Keynote speakers and featured speakers habe been determined]
Dr. Martin Dougiamas, Prof. Katsuaki Suzki, and Prof. Greg Kessler

We are annoucing a brief introduction of the keynote/featured speakers both for Japanese and English at

Dr. Martin Dougiamas is coming next Moot 2018 following the last Moot 2017 to give us new topics being considered in MoodleHQ, Prof. Katsuaki Suzki of Kumamoto university, an authority of Instructional Design in Japan, is also giving a talk, and last but not least, Prof. Greg Kessler of Ohio university, specialist of linguistics, is giving a talk on Instructional Technology related to Moodle.

The official site is ready for registration, a proposal of your presentation, sponsor proposals Japanese moot is known for its high standard presentations of in-depth research. I hope presenters and participants will outnumber all the previous moots next year.

Venue: Musashi University (Nerima, Tokyo)
Conference workshops: Feb 21st (Wed); Main Conference: Feb 22nd - 23rd (Thu, Fri), 2018
Deadline for presentation proposals: Oct. 31th (Tue)
Deadline for sponsored proposals: Nov. 30th (Thu)

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Re: Extending deadline for conference submissions?

by Gordon BATESON -

Hi David,
welcome back from your travels!

As Matt has indicated, the submission deadline has been extended to Oct 31st. Please send your submission early wink

Matt, my apologies for limiting the number of submissions. That was an error on my part and I have reset the limit to 4. 

FYI, it seems that I misunderstood the MAJ Policies for Proposal Submissions. That page suggests a limit of one of each type of presentation. i.e. a total limit of 4 presentations in which you are the main author.

The URL of the page to submit proposals for MoodleMoot Japan 2018 is as follows:

Best regards,

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Re: Extending deadline for conference submissions?

by David CAMPBELL -


Thanks for the information. I will try to get something in soon.