達人コーナー / Genius Bar

達人コーナー / Genius Bar

by Eric HAGLEY -
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「ムードルの達人コーナー」って何?ムードルについて、どのことでもいい、質問がある人が助言を求める場です。 What is the 'Moodle Genius Bar'? The Moodle Genius Bar is a venue to which people with any questions about Moodle can go for enlightenment.
誰が”Moodleの達人“になれるの?参加者のMoodleに関する質問に答えられると思う方は,ぜひ「Moodleの達人」のボランティアに名乗りを上げて下さい。Moodleの専門知識の分野は指定していただいてけっこうです。 Who can be a Moodle Genius? Please volunteer here to be a Moodle Genius if you believe that you will be able to answer attendees' Moodle questions: you can specify your field of Moodle expertise.
誰が質問できるの?Moodleについて質問がある参加者ならどなたでもできます。 Who can ask the questions? Any attendee with a question about Moodle. Attendees will be able to search this database of "Moodle Geniuses" a week or so before the MoodleMoot to discover who has expertise in the area in which they have a question.

Add your name to the Genius Wiki if you would like to help out at the Moodle Genius desk


Though we have the sign up sheet available, there may be times when geniuses who haven't signed up just drop in to help out. So please feel free to drop into the genius bar to ask questions about Moodle.

場所は? MCV1号館(3階)MCV 3F) Where? MCV1号館(3階)(MCV 3F)