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総会協議事項 / AGM agenda

総会協議事項 / AGM agenda

by Takayuki MATSUKI -
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Picture of <span class="multilang" lang="en">Program Committee</span><span class="multilang" lang="ja">プログラム委員会</span>

皆さんへ, Dear All,


The annual general meeting will be held on Feb 28th (Thur) from 16:50 at Room # 300 hall. Please find an attached list of the AGM agenda.


1)     会長・副会長、その他の役員の再任承認(Matsuki) Approval of president/vice president, and other officers for another year

2) 研究開発補助について(Kita or Eric Hagley) Reports and Proposals for R&D projects

3) 会員情報(Hama) Membership status

4) 会計報告(Mikami)

l  2016年度決算報告Budget report of 2016;

l  2016年度監査報告Audit report of 2016;2017年度予算案Planning of Budget 2017;

l  2017度予算案Planning of Budget 2017

l  2017年度決算報告Budget report of 2017;

l  2017年度監査報告Audit report of 2017;

l  2018年度予算案Planning of Budget 2018;

l  2018年度会計中間報告Interim Budget report of 2018;

l  2019年度予算案Planning of Budget 2019

5) 2019年度理事会役員選出(Matsuki) Board Member Election for FY 2019

6) MUA (Moodle Users Association) の活動報告(Thom Rawson) Report on MUA (15-20 mins)

7) 次年度のProceedings投稿・査読スケジュールについて(八木先 or Matsuki) Schedule for Submissions and Review in the next year

8) 2019年度活動計画(Matsuki) Planning of businesses for 2019

9) その他 (Matsuki) Other businesses

10) 次年度のMoot場所(Matsuki) Moot 2020 venue