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Supplementary Materials (

by Eric JEGO -
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Hi Moodlers, even though I had to leave early, I had a great time at this year's Moodle Moot. 

Many thanks to everyone who attended my talk, especially Harashima-sensei in the front row (talk about pressure wink). For everyone else, I've made up a Google Doc with a youtube link to a recording of my talk. The Doc also has links to a post-presentation version of the Mentimeter poll that I used during the talk. Other stuff like the results of the poll taken during the talk as well as a discussion space is all there on the doc. If you're interested, you're welcome to have a look here:

Thanks again and I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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by Kate SATO -

Hi Eric, 
It was great to see you there and thank you for your contribution this year. 


I hope to see you again in Hokkaido at the summer workshop!  Bring a colleague too!! (cheeky grin!)



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by Hideto HARASHIMA -

Hi Eric,

I was the one who was pressured after the great and fun presentation of yours.wink   Looking forward to your next talk, hopefully a longer one.

Hideto Harashima