Announcing JP Moot 2020 Sponsors / ムート2020 スポンサー

Announcing JP Moot 2020 Sponsors / ムート2020 スポンサー

by Justin HUNT -
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This year we have 8 sponsors for the Japan Moot. 今年の日本ムートは8つの会社がスポンサーとなってくれました。

e-learning - Platinum Sponsor・プラチナ

Resonant Solutions - Gold Sponsor・ゴールド

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Gold Sponsor・ゴールド

Human Science - Silver Sponsor・シルバー

Intelliboard - Silver Sponsor・シルバー

Turnitin - Silver Sponsor・シルバー

Urkund - Silver Sponsor・シルバー

Poodll - Silver Sponsor・シルバー

We are very fortunate to have such high quality companies interested in working with Moodle in Japan. Its a very good opportunity to get professional help and demonstrations on topics including hosting, content creation, integrations, reporting, plagiarism, and audio/video in Moodle. Please take the opportunity to visit their stands, and presentations. If you wish to arrange a time to meet them or have specific questions in advance of the moot this is also possible.