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Conference Refunds

Conference Refunds

by John C. HERBERT -
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Regarding conference refunds (if any), I paid for "membership," and benefitted from that choice by having free registration for the 2020 Moot. So, personally, I think that works out fine for me and for MAJ. However, I have a colleague, who I was bringing in as a newcomer to Moodle and who paid for his "conference fees" without having to pay for a membership fee. I'm not sure if he will be joining us online this week or not, but I believe his employer now has other plans for him. Will he or anyone else in other situations be refunded the ¥10,000 "conference fee"?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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Re: Conference Refunds

by Mark Andrew Pileggi -
I am the noobie being referred to. I have subscribed to this thread and look forward to its being addressed when you all have time. I realize now you must be busy organizing things for the online seminars.

Gratitude for your consideration.