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Japan Times Article on Online Learning Published Today - Apr 20 -

Japan Times Article on Online Learning Published Today - Apr 20 -

by Doug STRABLE -
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Hello All, 

I want to let everyone know the PR article Jennifer suggested in the discussions early this year with helping schools get online [Jamoo] is published today in the "Community" section of the Japan Times print and digital editions. The title of the article is Coronavirus offers chance to update Japanese schools with my addition, Tips for teaching and learning online, in the related stories section. 

Both Louise, the writer and I are delighted to see the editor agreeing to include a link to the MAJ site.  Thank you to Adam and Asada-san for sharing ideas with Louise, the writer. 

Hopefully, the viewership on the MAJ site will increase this week exponentially. 

Thanks to all for your help with creating this article. 

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Re: Japan Times Article on Online Learning Published Today - Apr 20 -

by Jennifer CLARO -

Hi Doug!

Just read the articles, they are both great! There is a feeling of opportunity, how we can expand and grow, and incorporate new things like you and Adam described. Such a positive view!

And Doug, your own article on online teaching and learning tips is so useful. I really like the "green light" idea, and thanks so much for pointing out the open books available online. Related to this, my Moodle site is getting updated tomorrow (first update in 5 years! Thank you Thom!!) so I am really hoping to be able to use Moodle Reader again with my students.

I was hoping this article wouldn't be too negative about Japan and the lack of much online learning here, and it wasn't. Like Adam says, online learning is just a part of what we can offer students. But there are so many things to try out, I'm sure that my face-to-face (or maybe blended?) classes in the future will improve because of all the things I'll be trying out this spring.

Thanks for two great articles! お疲れ様です。

Best wishes,