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アンケート協力の願い・Request for cooperation in a questionnaire.

アンケート協力の願い・Request for cooperation in a questionnaire.

by Martin MEADOWS -
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I have a request to make of my fellow MAJ members. I’m doing some research on teachers’ attitudes towards the sharing of educational resources and self-created, instructional content, with a focus on Moodle and open courseware. Would you have 10 minutes or so to help me out by responding to the anonymous Google Forms survey linked below? I'd also like to hear from Moodle users who are NOT members of MAJ, so if you know of anyone in your institution who fits that bill, please pass the link along. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  (English version)


MAJの皆様、お願いがあります。私は、Moodleとオープンコースウェアに焦点を当てて、教育リソースと自分で作成した教育コンテンツの共有に対する教員の考え方について調査を行っています。10分程度掛かる以下の匿名アンケートに回答してもらえませんか? (日本語バージョン)