Welcome to MoodleMoot Japan 2022

Welcome to MoodleMoot Japan 2022

by Jun SAITO -
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ムートページ内にはこの他,MAJ Cafeや懇親会のセクションなどで,同期・非同期のいくつかの活動・機能を用意しております。ぜひご覧になってみてください。


We are happy to announce that MoodleMoot Japan 2022 opens today. Please find the full schedule on the moot page (https://moodlejapan.org/course/view.php?id=89).

All sessions of this moot will be held online. In the moot page, there is a link to the entrance of each session. Please click the "Join Session" button on each linked page to join the session. You can join from 10 minutes before the start time of each session.

In addition to the presentation sessions, there are several other synchronous and asynchronous activities and functions available on the moot page. Please have a look at them in such as the MAJ Cafe and the Networking Reception sections.

Let's enjoy MoodleMoot Japan 2022!