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iMoot Presentation Proposals close today

iMoot Presentation Proposals close today

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Hi Everyone,

Today, April 30th (thanks, Takeshi, for the correction), is the closing for presentation proposals for the iMoot 2012 (an international MoodleMoot held totally online) on May 26-29. It is a four day, 96 hour conference on topics for Moodle teachers and developers. It costs A$80 to join but for presenters who are accepted, it is free. There are many interesting presenters from Japan, so I think this is a good chance to present. You can select any time of day to present because the sessions go 24 hours.                            

For your information, this is the proposal I submitted:

Title:  Video Assessment Module with Rubrics 2.2

Abstract:  The Video Assessment Module uses multiple video recordings of student project presentations, combined with the new rubrics feature of Moodle 2.2. The rubrics feature gives teachers an easy-to-use interface to evaluate student performances on multiple scales with qualitative and quantitative criteria. Although rubrics have been used effectively on paper for self-reflection and peer assessment, the Video Assessment Module manages the process with a custom Moodle module. It combines self, peer, and teacher assessment and offers a mobile-ready tool to assess live performances as well.

This presentation documents how a teaching team developed the Video Assessment Module within a public speaking class for communication students in a university EFL program. The course was created collaboratively over four years using video recordings of student speeches for self-assessment, memory stick exchanges and Youtube uploading. The resulting Video Assessment Module solves logistical issues that prevented widespread use of video in student evaluation.

Note: This module was funded by Niigata Seiryo University (Thanks, Tetsuo Kimura) and Sapporo Gakuin University and developed by Version2 Educational Web Development. Contact Don Hinkelman for a free copy.