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Scheduler/Registration/? Module

Scheduler/Registration/? Module

by Deleted user -
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Dear MAJ Members,

I am wondering if anyone can help me out with locating a module for Moodle or other software that is available in Japan for online registration of students. Datatel is used by many universities in the US, but their systems aren't available in Japan.

The module/software I am looking for is to be used for online scheduling/registration/enrollment for courses. For example, students login and enrol in 1 or more English courses (some required, some electives). This will allow students to chose their own schedule (All students are already internally enrolled in the Moodle system). Each course will be listed on a schedule and students can chose the time slot which suits their schedule. However, the courses are leveled by proficiency, so I am looking for a module that will only allow students with certain test scores (i.e. TOEIC 300-350, 351-400, 401-450, etc.) into a particular course. Also, the maximum number of students per course would need to be set.

Does such a schedule/registration/enrollment module exist?


Jon Harrison



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Re: Scheduler/Registration/? Module

by Jason HOLLOWELL -


I had a plugin developed a couple of years ago that was designed to accomplish exactly what you have outlined here. It is called the Registration Enrollment plugin and is available from the Moodle Modules and Plugins database here. It is unfortunately however, only available for Moodle 1.9. It has some limitations but should work to control for the variables that you have specified. I am working to have it upgraded to be compatible with Moodle 2.x and at the same time have some of its limitations improved upon but sadly both ran into difficulties with the original developer (MoodleRooms in the U.S) and do not have access to the same amount of funding I did for the initial project so it may be some time before it is upgraded/updated.



P.S. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the plugin.

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Re: Scheduler/Registration/? Module

by David CAMPBELL -

This spring I used the feedback plugin to do some pre-registration for some language courses at my school. Even with the limitations of how I had things set up the Office of Student Services was impressed with what Moodle could do. I might be able to get some funding to work on getting this module upgraded to 2.2. If we were to somehow combine our funding through the MAJ, we might be able to get a module that many people could use.

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Re: Scheduler/Registration/? Module

by Jason HOLLOWELL -


Nice to hear from you. smile I've read about the various (expanded) uses of the feedback module but have no experience using it in that way myself. When you say "this module" do you mean the Enrollment Plugin that I mentioned? If so, I would be very interested in a cooperative effort! smile

I compiled a list of features that ideally I think need to be added to its current functionality when negotiating with MoodleRooms and will post it here for your, and others', srutiny. I have been shocked to find, over the past 5 years or so, that most (if not all) of the major online registration systems in Japan (Gakuen/Universal Passport by JAST being one of the biggest) do not include some very basic features such as priority or conditional enrollment ability and the ability to limit (or control) the number of enrollments per course. These and other limitations were the target of the plugin I had developed. At any rate, here is the list:

Registration Enrollment Refinements (Pasted (and modified) from communication with MoodleRooms)

a. Currently the registration enrollment plugin allows enrollment to be controlled based upon a value in one custom user profile field. I would like to have this functionality expanded such that multiple custom user profile fields can be specified and such that they can be related by the conditions "and" & "or". Could mathematical operators also be added, for example, as a drop down menu that appears before the drop down for selecting the profile field? The operators would be for numeric values (**but they wouldn't have to be**) so they would be (greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, and less than or equal to). I added this functionality to the Bulk User Actions page and know it's not that hard -

(Note - I think during development some aspects of this functionality request were seen to be valuable as the programmer(s) added an 'under development' feature called "multifield plugin" to the registration enrollment plugin. If this could be finished such that it functions as I outline here, that would be ideal. Currently it appears that the 'multifield' plugin option is actually designed to look at multiple value options of one field. Additionally, I don't think the 'multifield' plugin option allows for the other settings available to the registration enrollment plugin such as priority enrollment settings, course capacity limits, etc. - in other words, it functions by itself, separate from the core features of the registration enrollment plugin)

Examples of how the functionality outlined in "a" above would work -

(1) If the user has a value of "advanced" in the user custom profile field "level" and the user has "English Department" in the user custom profile field "Department", allow him/her to enroll in the course.  

(2) If the user has a value of "Communication Course" in the user custom profile field "Course" or the user has "Advanced" in the user custom profile field "Level", allow him/her to enroll in the course. Note this functionality would need to be controlled at the course level (not site level). It could be as an "override" as is currently the case of some of the settings in the plugin.

(3) If the user has a value of "English Department" in the user custom profile field "Department" and the user has a value in the user custom profile field "Placement Test Score" that is equal to or higher than 80, allow him/her to enroll.

Note, all of these examples involve only two conditions (and two fields). The proposal here however, is for functionality that would allow for adding more (3, 4, etc.) and being able to mix and match "and" and "or" conditions.

b. Can the plugin be updated such that after checking to see if a user is eligible to enroll in the course that he/she is asked to enter an enrollment key if one is specified? I think this should be an easy addition as it would basically just involve using core code that already exists. (i.e. check for the existence of an enrollment key after the enrollment condition has been met and if one (a key) exists, ask the user to input the key before enrolling him/her in the course)

c. Instead of, or in addition to, the iCal event being sent when a user enrolls, have an e-mail sent to selected users (course teacher(s), user enrolling in the course, admin, or course level role such as non-editing teacher, manager, etc.) upon successful enrollment. Additionally, include an option to have unsuccessful enrollment attempts sent to the site admin or to a specified e-mail address/user. Program this such that it can be turned on or off (have e-mail sent or don't) and such that who the e-mail is sent to can be selected (e.g. just to the student, to the student and teacher, just to the teacher, etc.).

d. Currently the Registration Enrollment plugin allows for the creation of multiple enrollment periods as long as they do not overlap but the various settings cannot be made specific to a selected period. Change how each period (if multiple periods are created) are used such that the period or periods to be used can be selected from within individual courses. If multiple periods are selected, allow the settings (priority and user field) to be applied to each period. In other words, on the logic elements screen from within a course, an enrollment period would appear followed by the settings that relate to it. If a second (non overlapping) period exists, it would then follow below the settings for the first period and then have its settings below it. (does that make sense?)

e. Can the ability to limit the number of courses a student enrolls in be refined such that it is possible to put a limit (or limits) on the number of courses contained in specified categories? This is a feature request that was made by a user via In our current situation, we don't foresee a need for this functionality but if it is available, we would probably, at some point, take advantage of it. This one seems a bit complicated to me. It may be one that is eliminated due to cost even if it is deemed possible.

************End of paste*******************

I'm curious to hear from the MAJ community on whether you think these capabilities added to the Registration Enrollment Plugin, in addtion to making it compatible with 2.2, would be useful from the perspective of our various members.

If there is little interest from the greater MAJ community, I will communicate with David directly so as to save you all from long posts like this. smile



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Re: Scheduler/Registration/? Module

by Eric HAGLEY -

I'm very interested in this topic as should all university admin be. I'm also amazed at how limiting universal passport and its ilk are. Looking forward to seeing this develop and would love to be able to contribute.

Thank you for your efforts,