Moot 2013 News and Announcements

ムート直前情報 Moot is around the corner

ムート直前情報 Moot is around the corner

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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Dear Moodle Moot participants,

It's this coming weekend. Here is some last minute announcements.

Below is a link to the LATEST moot schedule. There have been a few changes from the one I announced before, so please take a glance, and you are advised to download it to your laptop, or print it out and bring it to the site. Further changes and cancellations will be announced on the white board near the registration desk.


The abstracts of each presentation is not printed in the moot handbook. Please go to this page and download the abstracts to your laptop (after customizing it to your needs).


The Genius Bar schedule  has been pretty much filled by many volunteers. Please take a look at this time table. Visit these geniuses to meet your needs for technical guidance.

Lastly,  please do bring your laptop computers with you. We are trying to set up as many Wifi capable rooms and spots as possible.