265 Transforming a Paper Textbook into an e-Learning Experience

265 Transforming a Paper Textbook into an e-Learning Experience

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Presenter: Kenlay Friesen

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Transforming a Paper Textbook in an e-Learning Experience: Synopsis

E-learning is able to enhance and improve the educational experience: teachers can combine various forms of media and activities, and students are able to interact with a community while developing higher level cognitive skills such as the ability to search for, evaluate, and present information. Nevertheless, textbooks remain an indispensable part of effective and high quality education: they direct student’s learning as well as improve classroom teaching. The challenge many educators face is how to integrate e-learning with a paper textbook. This presentation will demonstrate the blending of Fifty-Fifty Book Two: A Speaking and Listening Course by Wilson and Bernard, with Moodle as the e-learning platform. The core feature of the textbook, face-to-face interaction, remains intact, but is augmented with a range of Moodle activities and resources: student-generated Wikis, student forums, surveys, quizzes, web-searches, presentations, and other real-world e-learning extensions of the topics. One example of this kind of integration is a five-week unit, based on two consecutive textbook chapters (giving opinions and making comparisons), which involves a web-search, making a short PowerPoint presentation, uploading this to Moodle, presenting, followed by group discussions, and a feedback activity for the students to vote on which product they would select.