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Turnitin からのサービス提供 / Turnitin offer

Re: Turnitin からのサービス提供 (訂正)/ Turnitin offer (correction)

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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剽窃防止ソフトウェアであるTurnitin(ターン・イット・イン)を扱うディーラーから協会会員だけに特別オファーを頂きました. 協会会員ならば,今から3ヶ月間,Turnitinを無料で(トライアル)使用することができます.また,トライアル期間中(またはその直後)にTurnitinをご注文頂いた方は,通常価格より,20%値引きで契約することができます.



Dear MAJ members,

 Please accept my apology. The message I sent the other day included a wrong URL, now I resend the message with the correct URL.


A dealer of Turnitin, a plagiarism detector software, has given an exclusive offer to MAJ members. You can now use Turnitin free of charge for 3 months as a trial. If you decide to subscribe to Trunitin during or at the end of  this trial period, you can get 20% discount from the regular list price.

If you are interested, please go to this site and apply. Make sure you type in the special promotion code "MAJ888", and wait for 1-2 working days before your application gets processed.

For details, please refer to the attached one-page document.