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ご参加有り難う御座います.Thank you for attending.

ご参加有り難う御座います.Thank you for attending.

by Hideto HARASHIMA -
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日本ムードル・ムート2014 沖縄大会にご参加の皆様


大会ページ に4人の基調講演者の講演スライドをアップロードしました.他にも大会のスライドショーや,他のプレゼンター資料などもアップされています.ご活用下さい



原島 秀人


Dear participants in Moodle Moot Japan 2014 in Okinawa,

Thank you for joining us. We had as many as 90 people for the workshops, over 240 people for the main conference, and 120 people for the networking reception.  I owe this success to the OKIU staff and student volunteers led by Prof. Douglas Dreistadt, and to all the participants.

Now all the keynote speaker slides are available at the moot page      along with other presenters' slides and a slide show of memorable photos.  Please enjoy.

The deadline for the moot proceedings is Monday, April 14. All presenters are encouraged to submit their articles in time.  The details will be announced soon. 

Online feedback questionnaire will be announced soon. Please take some moments to answer the questionnaire.

Thank you.

Hideto D. Harashima