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8th Meeting of Local Chapter Tokyo / 第8回東京ムードル交流会

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8th Meeting of Local Chapter Tokyo / 第8回東京ムードル交流会
by Takayuki MATSUKI - Wednesday, 30 April 2014, 12:17 AM

Since the width of the thread of "MAJ - Local Chapter Tokyo" becomes too narrow, I start a new one here. (下記に日本語)

  • 8th Meeting of Local Chapter Tokyo
  • Place : Tokyo Kasei Univ., 4th floor of Library (Rm # 104A)
  • Date & Time : 11:00 through 16:00 on May 5 (Mon.)
  • Speakers : Rob Bright and Hiroki Inoue
  • Contents :
    • workshop by Rob Bright (see his abstract attached)
    • flipped classroom by Hiroki Inoue

I am attaching a map to our university, Tokyo Kasei University, where an exchange meeting will be held. A time schedule/announcement is also attached. Unfortunately Christian cannot come because of his private matter.

Rob, you may use the Saikyo line from Ebisu to get to the Jujo station where  our university is (see the map), just one line. It takes 20 minutes on the train and another 5 min. on foot. You should tell me when you would like to start to set up your machine / moodle server. Would you mind to tell your colleagues that you are going to give a workshop and there is a meeting on moodle also?

Anybody is welcome if you want to attend anytime.


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Re: 8th Meeting of Local Chapter Tokyo / 第8回東京ムードル交流会
by Takayuki MATSUKI - Saturday, 3 May 2014, 8:21 AM

The schedule has been changed as follows:

  • Rob's workshop has been cancelled.
  • Hiroki Inoue's Flipped Classroom will start from 13:00
    • To attend Hiroki's classroom, it is recommended to bring your own laptop to gain more knowledge. If you don't, you may use a PC in the the room.
    • Install a chrome browser.
    • It is recommended to install Java plugin for a chrome browser. When you access ,
    • if you are required to install a newer Java plugin, do it. If you are not, leave it as it is.
    • Create your own YouTube account.