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by Tetsuo KIMURA -
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下記のように、「コウセンキコウ」という振込人名で、2月10日に10,000円を振り込まれた方がいましたら、 宛てにご連絡ください。

27-02-10   1口 振込受入
 10,000円 コウセンキコウ(明細番号0002番) 

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Conference Registration after Feb 16th

by Thomas KOCH -

Kimura Sensei,

A number of teachers and I were planning to attend and register for the conference onsite on Friday morning. I just noticed the following important dates:

2015 February 9th (Mon): Moot registration deadline for non-presenters
2015 February 16th (Mon): Participation Payment Deadline for all

Is onsite registration available?

Thank you.

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Re: Conference Registration after Feb 16th

by Tetsuo KIMURA -

Dear Thomas,

The of MAJ moodlemoot is always open to everyone ;) 

However, I don't want to say that onsite registration is available. It often causes congestion at the front desk. If you and your friends already decided to attend the conference, please complete your registration from the link below as soon as possible. The dinner tickets is almost sold out and only a few left. If you wish to join the party, you'd better hurry. I might have to decline your registration to the dinner. 

Presentation Status - then click on Review Results (English)

Then, please pay your participation fee to MAJ by bank transfer or PayPal. You can find the details at:

Payment Methods

If you choose bank transfer, please email me a copy of remittance receipt. If you pay by PayPal, please make it sure to use the account under your own name. If your payment is done by someone else's PayPal account, please let me know about it. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Tetsuo Kimura ,

Treasurer, MAJ

P.S. For further assistance, feel free to contact me at