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One thing to be added to the agenda will be approval of new steering body (officers). Another thing, about the announcement of proceedings, the reform of proceedings is on the agenda of EBM, but AGM comes before the EBM, so we will not be able to say details about it, but at least, I think we should mention that the review process will be stricter this year for "refereed" papers.

ムードルムート2017ご参加の皆様 (English below)




協会は会長 松木孝幸先生、副会長に Jason Hollowell先生と浅田義和先生 の体制で新年度を迎えます。これからも日本ムードル協会を引き続き御支援下さいますよう、お願いいたします。

Dear MoodleMoot Japan 2017 participants,

Thank you very much for joining the conference. It was one of the most successful moots we've ever had. Pre-and on-site registration numbered 182 (not the total number of participants for the three days) and that was wonderful. We appreciate your support. 

The three keynote speeches were all video recorded and they will be made available on the YouTube through Moodle HQ later. Prof. Hoyashita's very informative keynote slides (Japanese edition) are available here. 

The moot next year is planned at Musashi University in Tokyo. Please keep in mind and try your best to attend the event.

MAJ has a new leadership for the next fiscal year: Mr. Takayuki Matsuki the president, Mr. Jason Hollowell and Mr. Yoshikazu Asada the vice presidents. We ask for continuing support to the new leadership. Thank you.


We have another free-lunch-presentation today.
Martin has to head to the airport right after the keynote, so please don't stop him on his way out.
Prof. Hoyashita's English keynote slides were updated last night. Please click this link and follow the pages as you listen to his keynote.
Don't forget to cast your votes on Best Innovation Awards before noon at here.

今回、Dougiamas 氏の2回の基調講演は逐次通訳によってその場で日本語でも提供される予定です。

English speakers,

Prof. Hoyashita has kindly prepared all his keynote slides in English, which is available here in the moot course. Please look at these slides as you listen to his keynote speech. Thank you.