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MoodleMoot 発表者の方で、聴衆の反応を確かめるのにクリッカーを使ってみたいという方がおられましたら、スポンサー予定のキーパッド・ジャパン様から無料で使用させていただけるそうですので、ご希望の方は山口様(までご連絡下さい。

If any presenter wants to test-use clickers, please contact Mr. Yamaguchi at above address.



日本ムードル協会会員の皆様 (English below)



2017 年2月 18日, 16:40-17:40PM, 於)自治医科大学

1) 会員状況

2) 2016 年度事業報告
3) 2015 年度決算報告

4) 2016 年度予算案

5) 2017 年度理事会役員選出

6)  細則改正
7) 2017 年度予算案

8) 2017 年度事業案

9)  発表論文集
10) 2018 年ムート開催予定地について

11) その他


Dear MAJ members,

You will find below the Agenda for the Annual General Meeting of MAJ, which is held during the coming moot. Please attend the meeting and learn what is happening with our organization. Thank you.

Agenda for the 7th AGM of Moodle Association of Japan

16:40-17:40PM, February 18th, 2017, Main Hall at Jichi Medical University

1) Membership status 

2) Business report of 2016
3) Budget report of 2015
4) Proposal of Budget 2016

5) Board member election for 2017
6) Amendments to the Bylaws 
7) Planning of Budget 2017

8) Planning of businesses for 2017

9) Moot Proceedings
10) Moot 2018 venue 

11) Other business


Dear MoodleMoot Japan 2017 presenters,
A draft schedule was supposed to be announced on January 11th, but it is being delayed.  We are sorry, but we will announce it as soon as it's ready. Thank you.

日本ムードルムート 2017に発表お申し込みの皆様,参加登録締め切りが今週末です.まだお済みになっていない方は御早くお願いいたします.

The deadline for registration of the presenters to MoodleMoot Japan 2017 is this weekend. If you haven't registered, please do so now.