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Hello Jennifer and Don, 

The requirements T. Saito listed on the Ministry website do indeed give us a clear focus for the project - the Ministry and teachers are looking for ready-made EdTech items that helps students learn. Before breaking into teams could we decide which sample course materials we have listed in the Courseware Showcase are most useful teaching materials for students and teachers (from experience)

Perhaps we can have about three or four different "courses" listed on one Moodle site for  JHS, HS, University....

If we decide on the course templates today and by Monday finalize this, will only take a few days to get the site arranged.  

I think the offer to host up to 30-50 fully functioning Moodle core sites from Matsuzaki-san of "elearning" is a great idea and much appreciated.  

With the technology side is solved, teachers are probably going to need a sample "template" course to get started quickly. Would any of the courses in the MAJ Courseware Showcase be suitable?    

Thank you very much Adam!

I'll move over the site and post some ideas later.

For everyone's reference, the government currently has a website listing various Edtech services and products to help students and teachers at this time. A good reference to see the piecemeal solutions being promoted. We can show how to put them all together in Moodle.

Hello Don, 

My understanding is that Jennifer's suggestion is to put up a demo site to show how Moodle works before creating their own site, like the Moodle HQ site but in Japanese . 

As you mention MoodleCloud is a great way to get started but I feel we need to guide the teachers a bit online first to attract inquiries.  

Is this the idea you have as well Jennifer? 

Hello Jennifer, 

I've seen the requests as well for teachers seeking information and would love to help out this idea as well. The easiest and quickest way is to put up a free account MoodleCloud website but the plugins are restricted.  We can probably have someone from MAJ create some space on the MAJ server or ?  We can use some of the sample sites that are already created on the link Don sent too and get this going in a few days.