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MAJ Online MOOT 2020 の参加者・発表者のみなさま






分からないことがあった場合は、MAJ Online MOOT 2020 ヘルプチャットをご利用下さい。日本語と英語、どちらでも利用可能です。


To the participants and presenters at MAJ Online MOOT 2020

Firstly, thank you for your patience.

We would like to give you some guidance on how to access the presentations you will view, and for presenters to be able to present. We have created online rooms (Named after popular dishes in Kumamoto) for each of the presentation streams on the original schedule. Participants and presenters will click the “room” which is at the top of the schedule. Access this here
You will be able to view and hear the presenter of that stream do their presentation. The important thing to remember is that you MUST be logged in to view this. The online schedule will be vitally important for each participant to access the presentations they want to see. Please check the online schedule, remembering that you MUST be logged in to the site to access anything.
For presenters, we ask that you upload your presentation as a pdf file as soon as you log in as a presenter. You will also do this by clicking the same link (at the top of the schedule – a link named after popular dishes in Kumamoto) which takes you to the BigBlueButton room you will present in. 
The system will be up this afternoon for you to practice with. 

Some presenters have had to cancel so this is why the online schedule will be vital for participants and presenters to follow. Those that canceled will be shown and those that you can watch will be in their assigned slot. When you log in and follow the directions you should be able to follow the online presentation. 
If you are only viewing, also please click the room name at the top of the stream you wish to view and accept your computer's/internet connected device's directions when you do so.  
If you have a problem, please access this link for the MAJ Online MOOT 2020 help chat. You can access this in English or Japanese.
This is the link to the chat

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Eric Hagley

We will be using a broadcasting system called BigBlueButton with which you can not only share your computer screen but also record it at the same time. The recorded data will be automatically stored on our server and you will be able to download it later.

The organizing committee is now trying to fix the program. We will let you know the presentation schedule as soon as possible. Thank you.
お支払いいただきました各種料金の扱いにつきましては,理事会での検討が続いております。「懇親会」(Moot Dinner)は完全に中止となりましたので,少なくとも「懇親会費」につきましてはご返金させていただく方向で調整しております。確定まで今しばらくお待ちいただけましたら幸いです。
Thank you for your support for this online attempt.
Yes, please prepare at the moment for your online presentation broadcasted at the same time as originally scheduled. However, the timetable and detail of the program are subject to change. We will let you know about them later. For presenters who will not be able to join the broadcasting session, we may ask them to upload their presentation slides and/or recordings. Thank you for your cooperation.