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Hi Jennifer,

Most venues and rooms still have VGA only projectors, so I expect that if you're prepared for VGA, you'll be safe. That said, on the off chance that there is an HDMI projector available, it would be worthwhile having at least an HDMI dongle prepared as well (you can get HDMI to VGA dongles but I recommend testing them at home before coming to the conference - they don't work with all machines).

Hope this helps!

Hi everyone,

Here's the plan. We meet in front of Makishi 牧志 monorail station at 7PM (in front of the dog-lion-dragon thingamajig). After we meet, we'll start off down Kokusai do-ri 国際通り in search of something exquisite.

Beyond that, I got nothing...

If you have any trouble finding us, Give Thom Rawson a call (he has a phone - I don't...).

Looking forward to a pleasant evening!