This is the process you need to follow to register to the Moot (conference) and/or become a member of the Moodle Association of Japan.

  1. First, read the "Membership Categories and Fees" page below and make sure you understand the different member categories.
  2. Next, please go to the following page and create your own account in this MAJ moodle site.
  4. After logging in to this site with your new account, please come back to this page and click the "Moot 2016 Participant Registration and MAJ Membership" link below, where you will be able to register yourself for the moot and join MAJ.
  5. For payment, follow the directions in "Payment methods" page below. Thank you.

Make sure you are enrolled in the course.(see instructions on top of page) (このページ冒頭の指示をご覧下さい)

Last modified: Tuesday, 23 February 2016, 6:23 PM