2015 July 27th (Mon): Open Call for Papers (including non-peer reviewed 'papers')

2015 September 30th (Wed): Close Call for 'Academic' and 'Case Study' type Papers

2015 October 30th (Fri): Notification of acceptance of submissions

2015 November 30th (Mon): Deadline for improvements to submissions

2015 November 30th (Mon): Close CALL for Workshop, Sponsor and AM type presentations日

2016 January 8th (Fri): Moot registration deadline for presenters

2016 January 11th (Mon): Preliminary schedule published2016年1月11日(月):予備発表スケジュール発行

2016 February 8th (Mon): Moot registration deadline for non-presenters

2016 February 15th (Mon): Participation Payment Deadline for all

2016 February 21st (Sun) ~ 23rd (Tue): The Conference (Workshops are on the 21st)

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